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Experts in Analytical Services

Animal Feed Analysis

We are experts in animal feed, premix, correctors and other related products.

Food Analysis

Analysis of meat products.Analysis of dairy products. Analysis of alergens in food (lactose, gluten, etc.). Análisis of drinks (wine, beer, etc.)

Pharmaceutical and Neutraceutrical Industry

Analysis of drugs and antibiotics for human and animal use. Analysis of diet supplements, vitamin and protein supplements….

Environment Analysis

Analysis of waters (irrigation water, waste water, swimming pools and regenerated waters). Analysis of agricultural soils (Compositional analysis,  NPK levels, etc.. )


Our most demanded services



Labocor Analítica


Labocor Analítica is an expert in food quality control, in particular, in animal feed.

Our laboratory offers research, technical consultancy and training, and physical-chemical, microbiological, pathological and genetic analyses focused on several fields: veterinary, food industry, pharmaceutical/nutraceutrical and environmental.

In Labocor Analítca we have more than 25 years of experience in the sector and we have a highly qualified team in chemistry, biology, pharmacy, veterinary medicine and food and quality

management, among other specialties. Our laboratory operates under the Spanish National Accreditation Body (ENAC) for a wide range of parameters.

Since 2020, we are part of Tentamus international group of laboratories  .which establishes sinergies with other group laboratories especialised in several areas in order to offer a great range of solutions to our clients.


Latest news

New efficacy test for veterinary disinfectants

Laboratorio Control, a reference partner of numerous companies for the analysis of biocidal products, implements a new efficacy test for disinfectants used on the skin in the veterinary industry.   > NEW PHASE 2,2 SKIN TEST FOR VETERINARY INDUSTRY (PT3). PR standard NF EN 17422:2019. The launch of this new quantitative surface efficacy test focuses ... Continued

In which foods are furan and its methyl analogs present?

In a recent recommendation, the European Commission calls for the determination of furan and methylfurans. These are process contaminants that form in food during thermal treatment. Consumers ingest furan particularly through coffee and cereal-based foods, but young children are also exposed to furan through jarred or canned ready-to-eat foods. According to the European Food Safety ... Continued

Laboratorio Control expands ENAC scope in food and animal feed

Laboratorio Control continues with its work plan focused on offering a wide range of analytical services under ENAC accreditation.   On this occasion, Laboratorio Control expands the ENAC scope in food and feed with the accreditation of mould and yeast count by culture according to ISO 21527-1 and 21527-2. Moulds and yeasts are one of ... Continued

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