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Analysis of Animal feed

Analysis of Animal feed

Our laboratory operates under the Spanish National Accreditation Body (ENAC) for the analysis of animal feed and we offer a great range of analyses focused on quality control of animal feed and other related products.

The main actions carried out related to animal feed are:

  • Consultancy on product analysis according to its purpose: pets, pig cattle, ovine cattle, birds, fish farm, etc. As weel as the interpretation of results obtained.
  • Routine follow-up of the most relevant qualitative standards animal feed manufacturing through a rigorous quality control of the finished product.
  • Diagnose of veterinary problems related to nutrition such as rejections, diarrhoea, lack of pigmentation and others.

 These analytical services in finished animal feed can be highlighted:

  • Quality of fat in animal feed (fatty acids, oxidability and rancidity)
  • Studies of homogeneity and cross-contamination
  • Microscopy: Estimate of % ingredients, detection of animal flours, detection of botanical contamination, etc.
  • Undesirable substances: Heavy metals, nitrites, mycotoxins, pesticides, hydrocyanic acid, gossypol,  theobromine, ergot, dioxines, PCBs, etc.
  • Composition of animal feed. Compositional parameters by wet process, spectrometric, polarimetric, chromatographic.

Nutritional labelling in animal feed

Labocor Analítica also revises, checks and advices on animal feed labelling and other related products. Our team of experts are up to date with current regulations (Regulation nº 767/2009), in order to offer professional and quality advice to our clients.

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