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Food Analysis

Labocor Analítica analyses a great range of products related to food. The laboratory collaborates with the food industry closely in order to provide the consumer with the utmost confidence about product safety and security.

Among our most demanded services in the area of food, we have:

  • Analysis and detection of allergens in food (lactose, gluten, etc.).
  • Analysis of meat products
  • Analysis of bakery products
  • Analysis of dairy products
  • Analysis of ready-made dishes 
  • Analysis of drinks (wine, beer, etc.) …
  • Analysis of pickles 
  • Analysis of drinking water (according to current regulations)

You can check our Spanish National Accreditation Body (ENAC) in Food and Meat Products here. 

Industrial Control and Food Safety

  • Analysis of work surfaces, proffesional environments and food manipulation
    • Sample collection by especialised staff and/or delivery of necessary material for collection (in surfaces-environment)
  • Technical/Legal advisory, expert advice and contradictory analysis

Nutrition labelling

One of the most demanded services related to food is the revision of nutrition labelling.

Labocor Analítica carries our the technical control of nutrition labelling in food and drinks related to two main services:

  • On the one hand, the product is analysed to verify that nutritional values included in the label are accurate.
  • On the other, our team of experts are up to date with the current regulations on the graphic and information aspects of product labelling according to RD 1169/2011, in order to offer technical advice on label design.


Labocor Analítica offers consultancy services to our clients. Our team is formed by highly qualified experts who offer personalised technical advice.

Contact us for more information about our consultancy and training services.

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