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Labocor Analítica expands its ENAC scope in food and feed

Labocor Analítica achieves an important extension of its ENAC scope in food and feed, as a result of its commitment to the continuous improvement of all its analytical services.

Labocor Analítica has achieved the extension of its ENAC scope in the following tests:

  • Fat by gravimetry for Feed and its raw materials, Cereals and derivatives, Meats and derivatives, Pastry and bakery products, Milk powder, Dried vegetables, Prepared dishes, Fish.
  • Starch by polarimetry for Feeds and their raw materials
  • Sodium by atomic absorption spectrometry (flame atomization) (≥ 0.03 %) Feed and feed materials, Cereals and derivatives, Meat and meat products, Milk and derivatives (except «sodium-free or salt-free» products)

> You can consult here the ENAC scope extension obtained by Labocor Analítica.

Do not hesitate to contact the Labocor Analítica team to find out more about the analytical services they provide for the food and feed sector.


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